Business profile: Max Ouzas Prestige Cars

Stefanos Ouzas chats to Neos Kosmos about his family being in the prestige car game for over 30 years

In 1981, Max Ouzas opened a family business that would deliver quality used prestige vehicles to Australians. A family business through-and-through, Max works alongside his son Stefanos, nephew Bill. Even his wife Julia will help out from time to time, ensuring this business remains a tight-knit family affair.
There was no question in Stefanos’ mind that he would enter the family business. His mother told him as a young boy he would follow his dad Max into work, spending his school holiday’s answering the phones and washing cars – to the point he’d ask the salesmen for five cents for following up on potential clients for them.

It was a natural progression for Stefanos to follow in his father’s footsteps.
And now, as his father is reduces a few of the responsibilities – although he still comes in every day – Stefanos has stepped up to the plate and now oversees more of the day-to-day running of the company.

“My role is day-to-day running and managing the business,” explains Stefanos.

“I am still involved in selling and buying and along with all the paperwork.”
Prestige vehicles are a luxury, but buying a prestige quality used vehicle makes that luxury even more attainable for the everyday Australian.

And being in the business for so long, and with so much experience, Stefanos is able to find the perfect car to suit your needs.

“Finding out what they need out of a vehicle is our job,” Stefanos told Neos Kosmos. He says within five minutes of conversing with a client, he can usually tell what car would suit them.
To find out what car is suitable for each individual Stefanos says they ask their customers about their needs.

“We ask things like, is it only them in the car? Is it going to be a family vehicle? Do they have kids, grand kids? Are they single? Is it to be driven every day, only on the weekends, or at night? How big do they feel like they want to go – do they want to go up to a four wheel drive or a two door sports car?

“Once you get that you find out a bit more about their personality, because every car is different in it’s own way and you know every brand. One will suit them more than the other.”
Stefanos says what sets them apart is being a tight-knit family business with years of experience that gives them the credibility to offer this kind of advice. And it all comes down to customer service.
“Being a small business and a family business it’s really important to us that everyone is satisfied at the end of the day.

“Every client has to feel special and they are to us. We value every single one of our clients that buy a car. Like I tell everyone, I don’t want to sell you one car, I want to sell your whole family cars so I want to establish that relationship and keep it going.”

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